Artister och designers


Otalia Noël :

Otalia boast an impressive portfolio of artistic direction in fashion and beauty with notable designers like Thierry Mugler, Givenchy & Armani. Otalia is responsible for the designs of our core collections includng our Botanical-inspired pieces (Hawaii, Petals & Drops), Pacific (Flame & Japanese Flower), Baroco, Country Side (armbands), Dancing Circles, Sweet Flowers, Summer Spirals, Night Bubbles, Saturn, Pythagoras, Passion, Acacia, Kheops, the “B Belt” & the “Vegetal” placemat. Otalia is also the creative genius behind our  Hawaï, Sweet Flowers, Acacia & Mandala sandal collection.

Gérad Di Maccio :

Painter, father of “visionary” art), designed a collection of 3 items: one bracelet, one necklace & a foot jewel.

Tanaka You :

Designer, Architect, Artistic Director at “J.J. Ory”), designed Angkor, Saturne, Ellipses & Chainon bracelets & chokers.

Caroline Homery :

Designed the butterfly bracelet.

Emilie Doizy :

Designed Flying Butterfly, Hibiscus & Orient collection.

Carmen & Allan, :

From Hong-Kong: Inspired by Chinese symbols, Carmen & Allan designed Cloud & Fish collections.

Elise & Mai :

Since 2005,  Parisian designers Elise & Mai have applied their talent for industrial design and their mastery in colour theory to the creation of some of Batucada’s best-selling collections : Swell, India, Colette, Eiffel Tower, Waves, Origami, Cocktail, Byzantium and the India & Swell sandals. Not afraid to take risks, Elise and Mai combine bold colors and shapes to create an exquisite work of Art that can be admired most effectively when lying against the skin of a woman.

Marine Vola :

Marine Vola is a multi-talented designer. After studying interior design in Barcelona (and following an internship with a prominent architectural firm in Sao Paulo), Marine took residence in Madrid where she nurtured a passion for industrial design. Eventually returning to her beloved Barcelona, Marine now finds herself creating objects of design in both the commercial and personal realms. It is in this context that she created the "Marina" for Batucada.



Halsband Di Maccio

Internationellt erkännande

Batucada har vunnit internationell uppmärksamhet med kollektioner som är tilltalande och har en obestridlig charm. Märket distribueras i över 25 länder och säljs online, i konceptaffärer, varuhus, på museum mm.

Nyligen belönades Batucada i USA med utmärkelsen

”2016 Buyer's choice” av

MSA (Museum Store Association).

Den inspirerade resan att utmana gränserna för konventionell design fortsätter med Batucada som det ledande märket i sin kategori ... and the beat goes on.